Humans. Not ResourcesÔÇŹ

We are creating a tight knit & referral only Slack community of People Professionals. "Why another community though?"  

Bigger the community, lower the number of meaningful interactions. Most Slack channels lie dead. Networking is great but genuine connections are better. Similar to the alumni of top B-schools, we want our community members to be proud alumni of Humans. Not Resources

We'll grow this community together. Slowly & always putting meaningful connections first. So, if being an early member
of a close knit team excites you, we'd love to have you over

Expert AMA sessions, gated content, & most importantly genuine connections await you. Please share your details below to receive an invite from us in your email. Thanks :)
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Should you be a part of Humans. Not Resources?

Every community advertises why you should join them.
We are telling you why you shouldn't join this community

Only here to sell

No selling, that's it. You have to be an HR professional to be a part of the community. We want this to be a safe space to build meaningful connections

Passive receivers

While the level of participation may vary for all of us, we would like to build a community where people give and receive equally. No passive receivers

No bandwidth

Members will need to spend time on this community to keep it relevant & engaging. We won't be accepting members who might not have that bandwidth

If you do decide to join the Community, what awaits you?

We'll grow the community together - you & us. We'll kickstart with
the following & then keep course correcting with everybody's inputs

Expert AMA Sessions

The world is changing rapidly. So is HR. Our AMA sessions with the best HR experts every week will deep dive into everything HR, AI, the Future of Work, & more, basis your suggestions

In person & Virtual Meetups

We will organize meetups to foster a true sense of belonging. Connect with like minded professionals who know what it feels like to be in your shoes

Gated Content

Get access to exclusive content from the best People Leaders, that we will curate and share only with community members. Surge ahead in your career with true access to HR excellence