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Build a high performing, people centric company

Klaar is the Performance Management, Talent Development, & People Engagement platform that fits how you work. It's easy to use & cuts admin load by 90%

Trusted globally by forward thinking startups, unicorns & Fortune 500 enterprises

Why people-first companies globally
are moving to Klaar👇

The secret's empathy

Hi there 👋 this is Sharthok, co-founder of Klaar. I was a People Leader for 7 yrs before starting up.

I've felt the apprehension around introducing new products in an organization. (I guess that) I've been in your shoes.

But with Klaar, you're in safe hands. Leaders love how Klaar is built from the lens of modern teams & how we rapidly build with customer feedback.

Sharthok Chakraborty
Co-founder, Klaar

Built by People Teams
for People Teams & Your People

As ex-People Professionals, we built Klaar so that you don't have to experience the usual pains we faced with other HR tech platforms 🙌

Deep Integrations

Eliminate duplicate efforts by seamlessly integrating Klaar with your HR tech stack. Boost user adoption via integrations with platforms you already use

In Summary

Klaar is an intuitive yet robust platform that drives its own adoption. Get started quickly with best practices or customize to fit your needs

Deep Integrations
Granular Customizability
Inbuilt Best Practices
Amazing UI & UX
Granular Customizability

Tired of adapting your workflows to the platform capabilities? That ends today. Customize Klaar effortlessly to fit your needs perfectly

Inbuilt Best Practices

With great customizability, comes greater pains of configuring everything? Not with Klaar. Get started easily with Klaar's inbuilt best practices

Amazing UI & UX

Your people & all of us for that matter, use amazing consumer apps. If your HR Tech app is not at par, how can we expect them to keep using the platform?

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Our customers have been our biggest supporters 🙌

Hear it from the Leaders & People Teams themselves ❤️

Klaar, for me, is not just an HR Tech platform. As the Head of People Success of a fast growing startup, I needed a platform that challenged me to evolve my People Strategies in line with how my company was growing.

Klaar became that partner! Their CS has also been really invested in our success.
Ridhhi Sanghi
Chief People Officer, Turbohire (Series A funded startup)
"Customer obsession & Bias for Action are at the center of Urban company's culture; something that our people live by daily.

We found great partners in Klaar, whose founders & team are as customer obsessed as we are, and deliver amazing products & features at incredible speed. They've been a true partner on our OKR tech refresh journey."
Utkarsh Bindal
Head, Performance & Rewards, Urban Company (Unicorn)
“360 Degree Feedback is something that is driven right from the top in ITC. Klaar is probably the most powerful platform right now for 360s.

But what truly sets them apart is how invested they are in our success. They build with feedback & both the founders work on the ground to ensure adoption.”
Shankha Shuvra Misra
Lead, Talent Management, ITC (Listed Conglomerate)
"We had initially started Mentoring offline for our DEI focused program. But we quickly realized that we need a platform to track progress & understand any type of ROI at all.

Klaar's Mentoring is just one of those things that you immediately know is going to work. And it did. Our Mentoring eNPS is the highest it's been ever."
Vishpala Reddy
Chief Human Resource Officer, Indian Subcontinent, Philips

The fastest path between
your People Strategy & Business Success

Align & achieve outcomes that matter the most

Effortlessly link company objectives with team & people goals to create alignment, ownership, & collaboration

Highly customizable Goals
AI powered & easy to set up OKRs
Skills & Competencies
1 click checkins, Alignment, & much more
Activate org-wide high performance effortlessly

AI powered Performance Management that adapts to how you work. Identify, retain, & multiply top performers

The most customizable Performance Reviews
2 sided Continuous Feedbacks
1:1s with 25+ research backed Templates
AI driven Calibrations coming soon
Develop & retain top talent by unlocking the power of Mentoring & Coaching

Empower your people with the resources they need to succeed, no matter where they are

AI powered Matching
ROI Dashboard
Notion like Mentoring & Coaching Workspaces
Session booking, 1 click templates, & much more
The Most Efficient 360 & Multi Source Feedbacks

Invest in 360 led People Development without the administrative burden

Customizable Nomination & Approval workflows
Research backed editable Templates
Intelligent Reminders & real time Reports
1 click launch for up to 10,000 people
Personalized insights into your people & culture that drive engagement & retention

Create a tailored environment for success for every employee by uncovering people's core drivers & aligning recognition with your values

Engagement Surveys & Pulse Feedback
100+ research backed Templates
Psychometric Strengths & Aspirations
The Navigation Maps for your organization

An interactive org chart that automatically updates with changes in your user data to ensure a unified big picture & consistent visibility for all

Reflects all Structures, Hierarchies, & Relationships
1 click Distance Navigator between 2 positions
Deeply customizable & flexible

We build with your feedback. Rapidly & continuously

Almost all platforms don't live up to their sales promises. We don't let
that happen. Here are some ways we are continuously improving

Mobile app in Q4

While we are already mobile friendly, our customers wanted a dedicated mobile app. So we started building & our mobile app will launch in Q4 2023.

Build with Feedback

While Klaar covers almost all scenarios, organizations are unique. So, we build rapidly with customer feedback to give you a customized experience

Laser focus on CS

Customer Success plays a huge role in Klaar's adoption in our clients. If you decide to use Klaar, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Deep integrations that drive adoption & the flow of information

Say bye to trade-offs between an all-in-one platform & best-in-class solutions. With Klaar, you can have both. Seamlessly import & export data between Klaar & your Payroll, HRIS, LXP, & more. Keep your people engaged easily via Google, Slack, Teams, CRMS, & Spreadsheets

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Enterprise-grade security that
guarantees your peace of mind ✌️

Certified by the highest international standards

ISO 27001
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