Why do companies globally trust Klaar?

The Future of Work has brought in new challenges that erstwhile platforms built for the old ways of working are unable to solve.

Enter Klaar. Companies are using our platform as a definitive guide for People Success in the Future of Work.

Be it Mentoring, Belonging, Workforce Management, Performance & OKRs, or Engagement, Klaar enables companies to focus on things that matter the most in this new era of work.

Better ROI
More Productivity
Improved Analytics

Our Leadership Team

Sharthok Chakraborty, Co-founder, Klaar.
Sharthok Chakraborty
Co-Founder & Head, Growth & Sales
Atri Roy, Cofounder, Klaar.
Atri Roy
Co-Founder & Head, Product
Anshul Gupta, Head of Engineering, Klaar.
Anshul Gupta
VP, Engineering

Our Values that we live by


At Klaar, we default to transparency. From talent decisions & business updates to feedback and pay hikes, we are transparent with each other.


At Klaar, we treat everybody with respect. Being respectful doesn't mean we sugarcoat our communication. It simply means, even while giving critical feedback, we treat others the same way we would love to be treated.


At Klaar, we are all owners of company and customer success. That includes each and every employee in all parts and levels of the company.

Customer Obsession

We are focused on what your customers need. That means, it is on all of us to ensure that Klaar actually helps our customers thrive in the Future of Work.

Well Being

We prioritize our well being and help others to do the same. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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