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Build skills, unlock growth, bust silos, & democratize knowledge.

Seamlessly launch, manage, & develop mentoring & social learning as a culture to give your people the strongest reason to stay back.

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The best way to drive continuous collaboration, learning, & growth.

Klaar is a one of a kind platform that enables your people to play a part in each other's growth journey. Be it structured mentoring or informal on the job chats, Klaar is the easiest way to invest in your people's development & bring the entire organization closer.

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Launch seamlessly without the messy excel sheets & back & forth emails.

Program Customization
Rolling it out for all or in cohorts, you can customize how many mentees & peers a mentor can connect with, vice-versa, & lots more.

Mentor Signups
Give access to all or a select few, signing up as mentors, mentees, & peers is a cakewalk on Klaar.

Mentor Outreach & Calendar Sync
Pair company calendars, select outreach slots, & bypass all of the logistical challenges.

A People Leader's screenshot where she can view all the internal mentors that she should connect with, explore the recommendations, see their skills, career experiences and the overall profile.
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Connect mentors, mentees, & peer learners organically & effectively.

Democratize Mentoring Selection
Pair your people or enable them to browse & opt for relevant mentors & colleagues basis their skills, career experiences, & more.

Mentor, Mentee, & Learner Recommendations
The best algorithm generated recommendations basis skills, aspirations, development plans, & more.

Enable your people to organically start learning relationships & book slots right from your org calendar.

A People Leader's screen where she sees the number of sessions she has had with a particular mentor, the goals from the relationship, the agenda, and the action items.
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Realize the benefits of mentoring & peer learning that aid people success.

Mentoring & Learning Goals
Enable mentors, mentees, & learners to collaboratively create & track goals of their learning relationship.

Agenda & Action Items
Empower your people to collaboratively add, track & move session-wise discussion points & action items.

Personal Notes
Give mentors, mentees, & learners a safe space to jot down their session & topic wise thoughts & questions.

A People Leader's screen that shows all the templates that she can select to automatically populate the goals, agenda, and action items of her mentoring sessions.
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Never let your mentors, mentees, & learners ever feel stuck during learning conversations.

Be it career conversations, new manager development, or leadership connects, your people can now use Klaar's 50+ templates to understand best practices, ask the right questions & gain the most from your learning relationships.

Create your own company templates or customize & build on top of Klaar's templates seamlessly.

Create Exceptional Mentors
Strengthen existing mentors & create new mentors via templates & best practices.

A People Leader's screenshot that shows her mentoring journey, the recognition badges that she has received and will receive in the future and a mentee testimonial.
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Recognize your mentors, identify potential managers, & highlight success stories.

Recognize your mentors, mentees, & learners via badges that they would love to flaunt on social media.

Enable your people to write testimonials for their mentors & learning partners that highlight their strengths, achievements, & areas of development & can be used in performance conversations.

Identify Potential Managers
Get insights from mentoring relationships & testimonials to identify potential managerial talent.


The companies you love are using Mentoring to enable people success in the future of work.

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Skill-based Mentoring
Enable your talent to acquire the most sought-after skills in the future of work.
Used by:
Logo of ITC, one of India's biggest enterprises.
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New Manager Development
The power of pairing a new manager with an experienced mentor.
Used by:
Logo of Lubrizol, a global company with $6.5 Bn annual revenue in 2021.
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Career Conversations
Meaningful career focused discussions that provide clarity & growth to your people.
Used by:
Logo of ITC, one of India's biggest enterprises.
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Leadership Connects
Be it high-pos, high-raters, or en masse, this is the best way to retain your talent.
Used by:
Logo of Lubrizol, a global company with $6.5 Bn annual revenue in 2021.
Explore all Use Cases

For People Teams.

A flexible platform that people teams can customize to create a culture of continuous learning, development, & engagement.
An organizational dashboard of the number of mentoring discussions in every function with the total number of discussions increasing over last month.

For People Managers.

An intuitive platform that gives people managers the actual opportunities to develop their skills of mentoring, coaching, & more to become an exceptional leader.
A mentor's monthly mentoring program ratings dashboard with 2 different programs compared from January to May.

For Subject Matter Experts.

Enable your subject matter experts to share their intrinsic knowledge & acquired skills throughout the company.

For Employees.

Be it leadership connects, acquiring new skills from SMEs, or peer-learning sessions, equip your employees to take charge of their own development, the way it actually works.
A personal monthly dashboard of a mentor or a mentee with the increasing number of mentoring conversations.


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