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For rewards and budgeting teams

Automate Workforce Mgmt. & increase savings & productivity.

Klaar empowers Rewards teams to take complete ownership of people budgets without the messy, error-prone excel sheets & admin work.

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Take total control of your people budget, deliverables, & productivity.

Klaar transforms workforce management from being reactive & ad-hoc to being proactive & structured. Drive huge savings in people cost & increase productivity by interconnecting deliverables, capacity, planning, staffing, & workforce management.

A product manager's screen where she sees how she can plan activities and map resources to them.
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Create, execute & adjust your resource planning in line with dynamic business priorities.

Jira Sync
Klaar syncs with Jira real time so that your resource planning automatically reflects your dynamic goals. Add tasks, estimated effort, priorities, roles, & more in line with deliverables.

Flexible Resource Planning
Replace complicated, messy & error prone excel sheets with Klaar's flexible resource planning tool to have complete visibility of your talent allocation.

Capacity Utilization Planning
Include on-ground realities like loading, delivery times, & more linked with the nature of deliverables.

A product manager's screen where she sees all the different pods that she is a part of and what are the positions and skill areas where she needs to staff people and in what capacity.
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Staff your existing & new talent in one or multiple roles & teams.

Multiple access points
Enable your team managers & HRBPs to staff your people in relevant teams & pods quickly without the multiple emails.

Flexible Workflows
Avoid product delays due to email based approval workflows. Configure Klaar to reflect your on ground processes to change your talent's team & pod allocations.

Real time Visibility
Let your People team always have complete real time visibility of talent allocation in teams & pods.

A People Partner's screen where he sees all the teams, their staffing details, their work estimation, resource utilization, and the number of people who need to be hired and what are the teams where no hiring is necessary at all.
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Move your talent in between pods, teams & make the call to hire new people based on intelligent insights.

Allocation Insights
Optimize your talent's pod allocations through insights driven by capacity, workload, & deliverable status.

Hiring Decisions
Stop the endless debates & spending valuable resources on underutilized talent with Klaar's intelligent hiring insights that tell you exactly when you need to hire for which pods.

New Joiner Allocations
Set up new joiners for success via insights on which pods should which new joiners be staffed in.

A People Partner's screenshot that shows the productivity metrics, values, and the trends for different engineering and product teams.
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Gain insights into & increase productivity for teams & pods.

Defining productivity metrics for tech & product teams can be tough. Klaar comes with intelligently defined & globally accepted pod productivity metrics.

Be it number of feature releases per pod member or revenue per $ in salary, Klaar enables you to automatically track productivity insights from every pod.

Find out your most productive pod, members & lay the groundwork for unbiased performance & talent decisions.

A dashboard for a Senior Vice President of the People (HR) function that shows the workforce overview of all the teams and the staffing status of each.
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Get deep insights, trends, & more via detailed analytics.

Enable your People Team to always be on top via a world class analytics dashboard that tracks all metrics involved.

Identify trends, exceptional teams, potential leaders, & much more through deep insights.

Download all reports seamlessly to customize & present basis your needs.


Rewards teams use Klaar to save time, effort & money that is better spent on strategic work.

New Manager Development
Make your new managers the best leaders through the power of mentoring.
Used by:
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Performance Improvement Plan
PIPs are challenging conversations. Klaar empowers people managers to ace them.
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Logo of performance management and OKRs that resembles a rocket flying upwards over increasing goal achievements depicting high-growth and high-performance.
Purpose & Values
Klaar enables you to articulate the purpose & values in a way that inspires your people.
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Logo of performance management and OKRs that resembles a rocket flying upwards over increasing goal achievements depicting high-growth and high-performance.
Engagement Pulse
Insights into your teams engagement levels & how you can boost their motivation.
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Logo of performance management and OKRs that resembles a rocket flying upwards over increasing goal achievements depicting high-growth and high-performance.
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For Rewards teams

Klaar empowers Rewards & Budgeting teams to transform a series of reactive processes like deciding priorities, planning activities & resources, estimating effort, taking hiring calls, & more into a streamlined, proactive, & interconnected process of workforce management.
An organizational dashboard that shows a month wise comparison of the rise in the people cost savings by 240%.

For Founders & CXOs

The biggest expense for organizations is usually people cost. Klaar empowers you to save on people cost, time, & effort & at the same time enables you to achieve your most ambitious goals. Increase your top & bottom lines.
A dashboard of the number of people in a team, their graphical comparison of their goals and the goals achieved in time along with their 360 feedback mentioned separately.

For People Leaders

Klaar enables CPOs & people leaders to have a real-time bird's eye view of how well all the teams in the organization are equipped to achieve their goals, when & where to hire, how to maximize resource utilization, & how to increase productivity.
A people manager's screen that shows all the teams and pods that she is a part of, the staffing status for each basis the number of roles, skills, the goals for each, the number of planned activities, etc.

For HR Business Partners.

People business partners usually spend a huge amount of their time in negotiating with the business on when & where to hire. Klaar enables HRBPs to rely on data & intelligent insights to take informed hiring decisions. Not every exit needs a backfill.
A dashboard of different engineering teams and a graphical comparison of the number of front end positions in each team and the number beyond which backfills would be required along with a mention of the increasing number of people cost savings.


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